10,000/365 Day 3: The View From Your Window Checkpoint

No matter how much you love photography — and I like it quite a bit — there are days when you really don’t want to leave the house. Maybe it’s snow, rain, 90-degree heat, or it’s just not a fit night out for man nor beast. The challenge on days like that can be finding something, anything, to shoot. So try the view from your window, and see where going nowhere takes you.

A Little Inspiration:

The inspiration behind this comes from Andrew Sullivan’s The View From Your Window, which has been an on-again/off again column-ish contest thingy that he’s done on and off since his time at The Atlantic. You can have a peek at the current incarnation here (there’s also a link to the book by the same name): http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2012/04/the-view-from-your-window-contest-2.html

Keep up with the project, share your progress, feedback and questions:
Project page (where you’ll also find a FAQ and other goodies)
The entries day-by-day (the blog entries)
10,000/365 Flickr Group (to share and discuss your shots)

Fire Escape
Day 3: The View From Your Window

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