10,000/365 Day One: Landmark Checkpoint

Let’s get started. On the first day of the project, I’d like you to choose a landmark and make its picture. Choose carefully, because you’re going to be shooting the same place on the first of each month for the next year. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry; see this — and each of the next 364 days’ projects — as a challenge, or better still as an invitation to stretch out. How many angles, times of day, and details might you be able to wring out of a single subject? Well, you’re about to find out.

A little inspiration:

Claude Monet painted a famous sequence of paintings of the Cathedral at Rouen, France. You can read more about that, and him, here. Photographers have also revisited the same landmark from time to time throughout their careers, as Lewis W. Hine did during the construction of the Empire State Building. The George Eastman House holds much of Hine’s work, and has made it accessible online here.

Keep up with the project, share your progress, feedback and questions:
Project page (where you’ll also find a FAQ and other goodies)
The entries day-by-day (the blog entries)
10,000/365 Flickr Group (to share and discuss your shots)

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