2013 365 Day Photo Project: A Preview (Part 3)

Two days’ worth of options for photographic projects and you STILL can’t find something to shoot? Sheesh. Slackers. Here are some even shorter photo projects (which, incidentally, you can throw into your 365-day, 31-day or 52-week projects to break things up if you’d like).

7 Day Photo Project: Give yourself one week to find your theme, gather your gear, shoot, edit, and display/share your work. Document the process.

I know, I know. You work five days a week, and you set aside your weekends for cooking, laundry, competitive Scrabble, or antisocial behavior. Set aside one day per month to get out there and shoot something. You may even find yourself liking this photography thing (again), and wanting to graduate to a more frequent shooting schedule. Here are some prompts for a once-a-month shooting schedule:

  • Once-a-Month Photo Project:
  • 12 Holidays
  • 12 Guys’/Girls’ Nights Out
  • 12 Group Shoots
  • 12 Buddy Shoots
  • 12 State or National Parks
  • 12 Landmarks/Historical Sites

Maybe the thought of even something as simple as shooting ONE DAY A MONTH has you curled up in the fetal position, sobbing quietly. Just for you, a special project:

One Day Photo Project:


If you have ideas, thoughts, or suggestions, feel free to comment below, or to email thefirst10000@gmail.com. More projects will be coming in the next couple of days, and the “Official” 10,000/365 will launch on January 1. Stay tuned!

3 Replies to “2013 365 Day Photo Project: A Preview (Part 3)”

  1. Hey Paul! So a while back I started to think about how to change up my 365 this time around. I was stumped so of course couldn’t wait until you made public your take on it. I am happy to say that I have decided to go with your suggestion of shooting a particular object every day. I love macros and the idea of taking a small figure and creating a world for him/her/it every day seems perfect! I received a few smallish type possibilities for Christmas so now the only task is to decide for sure which one. Thank you for helping this absolute novice with a bit of inspiration!
    and Merry Christmas!!

    PS, I just wanted to mention that last year I shot a picture each day at a particular time (7:40 pm to be exact) and I really loved it. A lot of the days I was home watching tv eating dinner so I was forced to be creative with my living room decor and lighting. Other times I would try and find places to be that would be great photo ops so that when 7:40 hit I just happened to have a scene all ready. I wanted to mention it as another idea to add to your wonderful lists.

    1. Hey, Jess! Thanks for the Christmas wishes, and for the encouragement.

      Your 7:40 project was a neat idea, and I liked seeing the possibilities you pulled out of something that was so random yet so specific at the same time. I can’t wait to see what you do with this year’s project, and I hope you’ll post to the Flickr group when you get the chance as well!

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