Photo News Roundup, 1/7/2012

Eve Arnold, 1912-2012 (courtesy

Photographer Eve Arnold (O.B.E.)  passed in London on January 4, aged 99. A member of Magnum since 1957, she was known for her portraits of celebrities, first ladies, and the like, in addition to location work in China, South Africa, and Afghanistan.

PMA @CES is next week, likely bringing with it a whole raft of new product announcements and speculation (since some of the products won’t see store shelves for a while yet). That doesn’t mean it’s been quiet, however. The first week of the new year’s started off with a bang. A day early, even; 4/3 Rumors announced on December 31 that SLRmagic would be first out of the gate with the 50mm f/0.95 Cine M-mount lens for Leica. They also hastened to reassure readers that the supply shortages you’re seeing of the Olympus EP-3 do not mean that the camera will be discontinued… they’re simply having difficulties keeping up with demand.

According to CanonRumors, meantime, the next camera in the venerable G line won’t be a G13. It’ll be a G1X, with a beefed-up feature set and an $800 price tag to match.

Fuji appears to be revamping most of its camera line. DPReveiw has information on a pile of cameras announced January 5, and MirrorlessRumors has quite a bit on the upcoming X Pro 1, Fuji’s interchangeable lens compact; LeicaRumors reports that Fuji will be making an M mount adapter for the camera, allowing use of Leica lenses on it.

As we reported earlier in the week, Nikon’s finally gotten around to announcing the reboot of its flagship full-frame SLR. The D4 boasts some serious specs, the details of which you can find on Nikonrumors, as well as Nikon‘s own website. EOSHD has an interesting rundown on the camera’s video capabilities (some of which, I must admit, were gibberish to me, but to the average EOSHD reader, to whom video is a mainstay, I’m sure they were quite sensible).

Finally, PetaPixel mentions that Kodak’s stock is in danger of being delisted as they prepare to file for bankruptcy.

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