Photo News Roundup, 9/24/11

Such a headache…

This week’s photo news. As usual, the links go to the original sources’ full articles.

Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 10, just in time for the program’s tenth anniversary. Elements 10 adds Guided Edits, which take you through several photo effects one step at a time. Adobe also states the software will have enhanced photo organization, and integration with Facebook… which, at the rate Facebook has been changing lately, will render that particular option obsolete as soon as the software comes out of the box.  (Adorama)

Two interesting pieces recently in the British Journal of Photography about the iPad and photography. One concerns Mack Books’ Michael Mack, who’s skipping the bookshelf in favor of the App Store for high-end photography books. The other is an interview with Michael Nichols (no, the other one) about his decision to trade his website for an iPad app.

Photojournalist Sethu Zeya gets ten years tacked to his eight year sentence for “damag[ing] tranquillity and unity in the government” in Yangon, Myanmar (that’s Rangoon, Burma, for those of you with older atlases). His crime? Taking photos in the aftermath of a grenade attack. (DigitalRev)

The upcoming high-end Panasonic will likely be called the GFX1 and not GX1, as previously reported. Some specs starting to leak; this is apparently targeted at the same segment as Fuji’s X-100 and the Sony NEX-7. (EOSHD)

Leica press release: That memory card issue some of you were having? We can’t figure it out either. We’ll get back to you on that. (Leica USA, h/t LeicaRumors)

The American Folk Art Museum narrowly escapes closing, and will continue in a much smaller space in Lincoln Center. Not quite photography news, but it’s no less welcome for that, since the AFAM has been stubbornly committed to preserving and promoting folk and outsider art. Its closing would’ve left a noticeable void in the New York art scene. (New York Times)

With the announcement of the J1 and V1 compact system cameras, Nikon belatedly enters the mirrorless camera fray. Four new lenses, plus accessories, have also been announced. (Nikon USA)

NikonRumors reports that there will be one more announcement from Nikon in mid-October.

Not long after buying Pentax for the equivalent of 25,000 Skee Ball tickets and a handful of bellybutton lint, Ricoh may be producing a new, Pentax-developed, mirrorless camera. No word yet on which company’s name will grace the nameplate, but it might be an early clue about whether Ricoh intends to re-badge Pentax gear under the Ricoh name, much as Sony did shortly after buying Minolta. Canon won’t be the only ones making a big announcement on November 3. High-end video camera maker RED has an event slated for that day as well (to announce the RED Scarlet), and has already bragged that they’ll be stealing Canon’s thunder. (PhotoRumors)

Y’know the Canon announcement that was being talked about last week (including here)? Did you hear anything? Me either. The announcement for November 3, however, is a definite, even if nobody seems to have a clue yet what’s being announced.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print (for now).

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