Photo News Roundup, 8/13/11

It’s awfully hard reaching a mannequin for comment.

The weekly pile o’ news. Links go to full articles.

Budget lensmaker Samyang coming out with Micro 4/3 fisheye; Olympus sending mixed messages about its 4/3 line, on one hand indicating it may have run its course, and on the other hinting that an E50 may be in the pipeline (4/3 Rumors)

Two new Fuji compacts announced, Sony introduces sunlight-friendly LCD, Polaroid announces filter-mount lens line, photographers attacked and robbed in UK riots (Adorama)

Rumors of varying degrees of plausibility, with varied timelines to match, trickling in to Canon Rumors, but a slow news week otherwise.

Samyang announces 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC lens (

Richard Swan of Leica UK drops hints on new Leica mirrorless system (Leica Rumors)

NEX-5 images and specs leaked, Samsung NX200 likely to be announced on September 5 (Mirrorless Rumors)

As if nose grease on your LCD wasn’t bad enough, you may soon have to worry about your schnozz changing your aperture; a company called AppCam wants to put your settings on an LCD touchscreen, a la the iPad. In other news, Jonathan Worth of Coventry University (UK) will be running free online photography courses (PetaPixel)

Tired of Hipstamatic? Yeah, so are we. But it isn’t going anywhere; if anything, it’s mushroomed. Recently released photo of President Obama at Dover AFB raises questions about balancing rights of the press and the public’s right to know against the rights and wishes of the families of men and women killed in action (PopPhoto)

Slow news week on the Sony and Nikon fronts, but their announcements are less than two weeks away. Nothing to add to previous Sony leaks, and Nikon has kept up Apple-like secrecy on their announcement, so not much to report there.

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