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American Memory collection at the Library of Congress
Art-Support is a state-by-state listing of arts organizations and spaces.
DP Review is now owned by Amazon. Despite some initial skepticism, it appears that they’ve kept their objectivity mostly intact. Reviews, forums, news, polls… you’ll find it all here.
dSLR Users draws much of its traffic from Down Under, but the discussions are pretty lively, and the information covered is relevant no matter from where you’re reading.
Tech site Geek Inspired has a good photography section with tips, advice, and reviews.
Ken Rockwell’s opinionated reviews, tips, and writing inspire, in turn, some very strong opinions among photographers. Stop by and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.
Luminous Landscape is ostensibly about landscape and nature photography, but it’s actually a whole lot more than that.
If you can get past the cluttered, claustrophobic homepage of, you’ll find a comprehensive resource centered around a pretty lively community of users. Or maybe it’s the other way ’round.
Pixiq is a collaborative effort, featuring some household names (like Bob Krist) along other, lesser-known, photographers. Small Aperture is a quirky, irreverent blog on all things photographic.
Wikipedia’s listing of photographic organizations
Wikipedia photography portal, with links to dozens of articles on photography and photographers.
Women In Photography International exists to promote the visibility of women photographers and their work.

4/3 Rumors covers news and rumors for Olympus and Panasonic’s 4/3 and Micro 4/3 communities.
Canon Rumors: What’s new and what’s next from the largest manufacturer of SLR and point-and-shoot cameras.
K Rumors A useful compendium of information for users of the often-overlooked, often-underrated Pentax system.
Leica Rumors. Now you can be the first to find out when Leica releases a $25,000 M9 upholstered in panda nipples, with sapphire accents.
Lighting Rumours offers news, rumors, reviews and tips on speedlights, studio lighting, portable power, and pretty much anything else designed to cast light on your photos.
Micro Four Thirds News and Rumors is dedicated to (you guessed it) news and rumors for the… well, you know.
Mirrorless Rumors covers similar territory as the aforementioned 4/3 Rumors, but in addition to the 4/3 system, it also informs readers on mirrorless offerings from Samsung and Sony, and rumored mirrorless offerings from Canon, Nikon, and others.
Nikon Rumors: Your one-stop for all manner of Nikon rumors, news, patent filings, and the like.
Photo Rumors has the goods on a number of manufacturers, from Hasselblad to Cosina.
Sony Alpha Rumors All things related to the Sony SLR system.

The writing on Black Star Rising ranges from the practical to the philosophical.
Cambridge In Colour is a good resource for beginning photographers.
Nikon Explore is the portal to Nikon’s wealth of online resources.
Digitutor is a series of video tutorials for various Nikon products.
Photoshop Contest isn’t all about the contests, but it is all about Photoshop, so you’ll also find plenty of useful tips and tutorials.
Smoking Strobes has tips a-plenty on beauty, glamour, and wedding photography. Better still, it doesn’t neglect the business side of photography, for those of you thinking of heading in that direction.
Strobist is the single best free resource on lighting you’ll find online.
Thom Hogan’s technically a Nikon photographer, but once you get past the stuff that’s brand-specific (reviews and guides for a ridiculous amount of Nikon gear), there’s also a lot here that’s applicable no matter what name’s on your camera.


28mm is now defunct, but its archives are still available online.
Amateur Photographer, a UK-based magazine targeted at… well, amateur photographers.
Apogee Photo is an educational resource for photographers at all levels.
bjp-online is the online home of the British Journal of Photography.

Digital Photo has oodles not just on digital photography, but also on dSLR video.
Digital Photo Pro covers the intersection of photography and technology.
FILE, true to its motto, is “a collection of unexpected photography.”
Gizmodo is a glorious mess of technology, design, and culture that also happens to include weekly photography challenges, and plenty on cutting-edge gear.
Hi-Fructose covers the arts from plastic to photographic.
JPG is fueled largely by reader submissions, often grouped in themed galleries and issues.
Juxtapoz: Art and photography of all stripes from out on the fringes
Outdoor Photography

PhotoColumn isn’t so much a magazine in its own right as an ongoing compilation and resource for photojournalism. It’s no less useful, or welcome, for that, since you can find great photography from great photographers all over the United States.
Photo District News, featuring news, contests, classifieds, and more.
While there are plenty of book blogs and sites around, Photo-Eye is one of the few, if not the only, that’s focused (pardon the pun) on photography books., the online home of Popular Photography
Vice is a bit of an acquired taste, but if you’re curious what the hip kids are into, this is as good a place as any to start.

Finally, this link will lead to a few dozen more photo magazines, in case the links above didn’t quite quench your thirst.

alaTest is a review aggregator, which can save you some time on Google.
Camera Labs
Digital Camera Info
DxOMark is the ultimate photo geek site; they routinely subject lenses and cameras alike to rigorous testing, the results of which provide endless fodder in countless discussion fora.
Fred Miranda’s site has a forum, a section on software, and a few other goodies, but the real draw here is the reviews.
Photography Blog is primarily a review site, but has news items as well.
Photozone, while it’s visually a mess, has a great selection of camera and lens reviews.
Steve’s Digicams has news and a forum alongside its reviews, in case you were tempted to join the endless Nikon vs. Canon/OEM vs. Third Party debate.
What Digital Camera doesn’t just review the cameras, they also give some helpful advice on getting the most out of them.

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