Photo (c) 2011 by Paul Bogan/The First 10,000
Photo (c) 2011 by Paul Bogan/The First 10,000

The photographers linked below come from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and styles. Just about the only thing they have in common was that something “grabbed” me about what they were doing. Individual tastes vary, of course, so I don’t promise that you’ll like every last one of ’em. Sites marked with a (B) also feature blogs worth reading (photographers in bold are personal favorites).

Erasmo Acosta
All City
Amy Ambrose Photography
Zack Arias (B)
David Bacon (B)
George Barr/Behind the Lens (B)
Manfred Baumann (B)
Spencer Black/Black Visual
Steve Bloom Photography
Max Boschini
Scott Bourne/Photofocus (B)
Jenny Brennan Photography
Phillip Buehler/Modern Ruins
Blair Bunting, (B)
Susan Burnstine Photography (B)
Photography by Mimi Cabell
Caliber SF (no longer maintained, but worth the look)
Marco Catini
Amy Chang
Peter Chou
Lucinda Chua (B)
Molly Cichy Photography (B)
Peter Cohen/Exploding Eye
Steve Coleman/Light in Frame (B)
Matthew Connors (B)
Jeremy Cowart (B)
Chris Crisman(B)
Michael Daniel/640×
David duChemin (B)
Jack and Pete Dykinga
Heather Elder (B)
Chris Floyd (B)
Alan George
John Goldsmith (B)
Holly Gordon
Tim Gray
Jos Gruythuysen/Studio 51
Raul Gutierrez/Mexican Pictures
Josh Hailey Studio
Rosie Hardy
Thomas Hawk Digital Connection (B)
Thom Hogan/ByThom (B)
Jasper James
Chase Jarvis
Chase Jarvis’s The Best Camera
Eirik Johnson
Chris Jordan
Greg Kadel Studios
Haje Jan Kamps(B)
CJ Kern
Ray Ketcham (B)
Eric Kim (B)
Mark Krajnak/Jerseystyle Photography (B)
Dave LaChapelle
Vincent Laforet (B)
Michel Lammerse/Foto Propaganda
Aloha Lavina/Point of Utterance (B)
Gordon Lewis/Shutterfinger
Claudia Lopez
Rocio Lugo-Quijano/Loose Studio
Loretta Lux
David Maisel
Pat McCarthy/Jersey Shorescapes
McCarty PhotoWorks
Michael F. McKenna
Joe McNally (B)
Alexandra Mevissen (B) (Blog is in German)
Brian Miller/LomiMonk Photography (B)
Jody Morris
Rik Mulder/Fotografie Utrecht (site in Dutch)
Vik Muniz
James Nachtwey
Chris Orwig Photography (B)
Out In Them Streets
Henry Paine
Hendrik Paul Photography
Michael Penn Photography
Moose Peterson (B)
Martin Pot (B)
Trey Ratcliff/Stuck in Customs (B)
Christian Reister (B)
Bjorn Rorslett/Naerfoto
Michael Roulier/The Vanishing Point
Sabrina Henry/The Chronicles of Learning Photography (B)
Jamel Shabazz
Eric Shemtov (B)
Michael Sloane Photography
Heather Stanfield/Recon Photography
Brent Stirton
Andrew Strain Photography (B)
Carel Struycken/Spherical Panoramas
Just What I See, the street photography of Greg Schmigel
Paul Turounet
Bernardo Vaghi
Amie Vanderford*
Kristin Viens Photography
Sebastian Wiegartner (B)
Weissguy Gallery/Mark Weiss
Day 19/Jeremy and Claire Weiss
Irina Werning
Pep Williams Photography
Michael Wilson Photographer

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