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Screen Shot from GIMP 2.6

The links below are loosely grouped by category, and then alphabetically within their category. The only criteria for inclusion were that the software had to be useful to photographers in some way, and that the software, as downloaded, would be free of cost (legitimately; if you’re looking for a cracked copy of Photoshop, you’ve come to the wrong place).

A word about getting a “cracked,” or pirated, version of a paid program, while we’re on the subject: Don’t. (Hey, I said a word). Now a few more words: if the illegality doesn’t give you pause, stop to consider a couple of other things: while you’re stickin’ it to “the man,” those of us who pay for this stuff pay more. Also, if you’re thinking of selling your photos, bear in mind that this would be the equivalent of someone stealing your work. Free alternatives exist. In some cases, you get exactly what you paid for (or less, even), but some of the options listed below are very good. Some, in fact, rival their paid counterparts; many are more than adequate for quick fixes.

A few words in closing on the sites and software listed below: All of this information is listed on a “caveat emptor” basis. While I’ve tried to stick to reputable sites and vendors, all it takes is one bad apple to ruin it for the rest of us. Exercise caution when using, or downloading from, any site.

Photo Editors, Download These tend to have a more robust feature set than their online counterparts. They will, however, require a certain level of system resources, in addition to whatever hard drive space they may take up.

  1. AI Picture Utility ( Download
  2. GIMP (  
  3. Irfanview (
  4. Magic Photo Editor (
  5. Magix Photo Designer 7 (
  6. Paint.Net (
  7. Photo Pos Pro (
  8. Photoeditor ( This is a GIMP rebrand/knockoff where the installer takes you through step upon step of product offers in order to install. Don’t bother; get GIMP via the legitimate link (see above) and spare yourself the headaches.
  9. Photofiltre (
  10. Photopad Photo Editor (
  11. PhotoPlus Starter Edition ( Light version
  12. PhotoScape (
  13. Picasa (
  14. Pixia (
  15. Zoner Photo Studio (–3)


Picture Editors, Online: System resources and drive space are someone else’s problem, so if you need to economize on resources, you may find these a viable option. On the flip side, if your connection’s down or a lot of people are using the service, you may find it slow or totally inactive, leaving you up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

  1. Aviary ( Actually a suite of stuff, including tools for vector graphics and audio
  2. Dr. Pic (
  3. Fix Picture (
  4. Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer (
  5. Fotoflexer (
  6. Free Online Image Editor (
  7. Ipiccy (
  8. Lunapic (
  9. ( Has a quirky interface and equally quirky/annoying restrictions
  10. Myonlinephototool (
  11. Phixr ( Registration required
  12. Photoshop Express ( Registration required
  13. Piccyfix (
  14. PicMonkey (
  15. Pixenate (
  16. (
  17. Pixlr (
  18. Snipshot (
  19. Splashup (
  20. VicImager (

Photo Resizers: If you find yourself having to resize graphics frequently for corporate communications, photos in emails, social network avatars and profile pictures, or that sort of thing, these can come in handy.

  1. Easy Poster Printer (,83419-order,4/description.html) Download
  2. FastStone ( Download.
  3. Free Batch Picture Resizer ( Download
  4. Free Picture Resize Starter ( Download. I use this and like it a lot. Bad news is, the company’s website (and that for the software) is no more, so support on this (to say nothing of updates) will be limited.
  5. Image Resizer for Windows ( Download
  6. JPEGmini: ( Online
  7. Mihov Image Resizer ( Download
  8. Mystik Media AutoImager ( Download
  9. Picture Resizer 6.0 ( Download
  10. Reshade ( Online
  11. Resize 2 Mail ( Online
  12. Resize Your Image ( Online
  13. Resizr ( Online
  14. Rsizr ( Online
  15. ShrinkPic (,73588/description.html) Download

Tweakers (Online, unless noted): I call these “Tweakers” because a: that’s what they’re good for (small revisions on photos, versus serious editing) and b: that’s what they make your photographic subjects look like, often as not. Some of these provide useful features, while a good many are… how do we put this nicely? Tacky. Nevertheless, they’re popular, and may be useful if you need to superimpose a beagle’s face onto 50 Cent’s head (Fitty’s peeps couldn’t be reached for comment)

  1. Amazifier ( Download
  2. Anymaking (
  3. BeFunky (
  4. Bloggif (
  5. Citrify (
  6. Deefunia (
  7. Dumpr (
  8. FaceinHole ( Online, but apps available
  9. *Foto-Mosaik-Edda (
  10. Funny.Pho.To (
  11. Funny Wow (
  12. FunPhotoBox (
  13. Image Chef (
  14. Loonapix (
  15. ( online. This one goes into the tweaker category because while it has an editor, it’s very light and much of the emphasis is on gimmicky stuff.
  16. Photo 505 (
  17. Photofunia (
  18. Photofunny (
  19. PhotoShine (
  20. Picture2Life (
  21. Pictures4Fun (
  22. Pixiz ( In French, but you can still use it if you don’t understand a word of French (and I don’t); it’s interchangeable with pretty much anything else out there of its type as long as all you need to do is drop your photo into a template.
  23. Pixlr-o-Matic (–4) Download
  24. PiZap (
  25. Tilt Shift Maker (
  26. Tuxpi (  

Miscellany: A few handy tools that didn’t quite fit the other categories listed above.

  1. Calibration Aider:
  2. Eizo Monitor Test:
  3. ExposurePlot:
  4. Filter Sim:
  5. Golden Hour Calculator:
  6. Picturenaut (
  7. QuickGamma (Monitor Calibration)

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