The following are some blogs that I follow. Check back from time to time, as this page will be updated as I come across more writers on photography whose work I’d like to share.

1001 Noisy Cameras features photography-related news and reviews.

Beginner’s Photography Blog, largely written by Ingrid Owens of Camerashy.

Behind the Lens, the blog of photographer George Barr.

BH Insights, the blog of New York camera superstore B&H.

Blair Bunting, who besides being a top-notch photographer, also shares his extensive knowledge on photography technique. An excellent resource for learning about lighting.

ByThom is the blog of photographer Thom Hogan. Thom’s a Nikon shooter, but a lot of the advice he gives is applicable no matter what gear you’re using.

Expat Shooter, showcasing photography from various points in Asia.

The Java Jive is another blog from an expat in Asia. Great photography.

Joe McNally’s blog is sometimes profane, often funny, and always useful.

Mark Hancock’s PhotoJournalism, a site devoted to the vagaries of photojounrnalistic photography.

The Online Photographer is one very comprehensive photography blog. Tips, techniques, reviews… Good stuff.

PetaPixel, a blog by brother and sister team Michael Zhang and Jessica Lum.

A Photo A Day is a fun site to visit for a variety of eye-catching images. Be sure not to overlook their blog.

Photocolumn is a great site to visit if you’re looking for a shot of inspiration. It’s a compendium of photo columns from newspapers across the United States.

Scott Bourne’s Photofocus is a snapshot –pardon the pun – of the life of a working photographer.

Phottix Journal is the blog of accessory manufaturer Phottix. As you’d expect from a manufacturer’s blog, there’s plenty of writing pushing the company’s product. There’s also, however, some useful reviews and reportage of what’s going on in the industry, as well as the occasional photography tip.

David DuChemin’s PixelatedImage blog is at least as good as his books, which is saying something.

The photography blog of Martin Pot

Michelle Knight’s Shoot Start is that rarest of all beasts: a blog where both beginners and experts will feel right at home.

I really enjoy Gordon Lewis’s Shutterfinger, partly because it’s informative, and partly because Gordon’s writing is generally pretty thoughtful.

Smoking Strobes, has free advice on fashion/beauty shooting.

Andrew Strain Photography has such lovely photos you may find yourself skipping the writing.

Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs, a useful and perceptive blog on travel photography, which is an informative read even if you’re not big on travel photography.

Thomas Hawk Digital Connection is a photo blog that also happens to feature good writing, along with oodles of links to other sites and resources.

Thrive for Photographers, a blog for amateurs looking to turn pro.

Bonus link goodness is available here.

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